We’re located at the heart of Minneapolis


MA Group Home is unique in that we provide care in an actual home instead of an institutional care center. Our home is open to adults who are unable to manage independent living in their own home. Currently, we support clients with developmental and physical disabilities as well as those with mental illness and brain injuries.

At AMA Group Home, we work to meet the individual, social, emotional and medical needs of each client. This concept ensures that our care meets the specialized and personalized needs of individuals requiring specific care modalities/methodologies within and around the Twin Cities Metro Area and surrounding suburbs. Our residents are constantly at the care of licensed professionals 24 hours.

Why Clients Choose Us

At AMA, clients have access to 24 hours of personalized care with highly experienced staff.

  • We’re focused on your needs

  • Personalized care plan for each client
  • Nurse available 24 hours
  • Care from licensed professionals
  • Comfortable home environment
  • We foster client independence

People Get Better With Us

All of our programs are grounded in person-centered care because all aspects of a person’s life effect their health and well-being.